Imagin8 Press is a book publishing company dedicated to promoting a peaceful world by bridging the divide between different cultures. Our sole focus is on publishing high quality, enjoyable fiction books for English speaking people who want to read and understand Simplified Chinese.




Here are the two most recent books in our Journey to the West series, based on one of the most famous stories in Chinese literature. All books in the series are written using the 600-word HSK 3 vocabulary. All words not in HSK 3 are defined in footnotes on the page where they first appear. Each page of Chinese characters is paired with a page showing the same words written in pinyin (phonetic spelling). A complete English version and glossary are included at the end.


Good introduction to one of most enduring characters of Chinese culture.  This book and its sister book are excellent for people who are learning Chinese. They tell the stories of the Monkey King, one of the most enduring characters in Chinese culture in an easy to understand manner. They also provide good reference for the Chinese characters used in the stories and their English translations. Well done!