Imagin8 Press is a book publishing company dedicated to promoting a peaceful world by bridging the divide between different cultures. Our sole focus is on creating books for English speaking people who want to read and understand Simplified Chinese.

Our books are not textbooks. They are story books, with themes and content that appeal to adults and older kids (middle school and above). All of our books are written using a restricted Chinese vocabulary based on the 600-word HSK-3 standard. In order to make it as easy as possible for our readers, each page of Chinese is paired with a page of pinyin (phonetically written Chinese). A complete English version of the story is also provided at the back of each book, along with a glossary of every word and phrase used in the book. This website also provides additional study tools for each book.

The name of our company comes from “Imagine”, John Lennon’s visionary song about world peace, and the number eight, considered a lucky number in Chinese culture.

We hope you enjoy our little books! Contact us if you have comments, suggestions, or if you want to point out a typo in one of our books.

You can buy all of our books on Amazon.com. If you are interested in bulk purchases of 10 or more books, you can buy directly from us at a discounted price. Contact us for details.

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Jeff Pepper  (founder, CEO, author) has worked for thirty years in the computer software business, where he has started and led several successful tech companies, authored two software related books, and was awarded three U.S. software patents.  In 2017 he started Imagin8 Press to serve English-speaking students of Chinese.  He has written the Journey to the West series of books published by Imagin8 Press.
Xiao Hui Wang (co-author) is a native Chinese speaker born in China. She came to the United States for studies in biomedical neuroscience and medical imaging, and has more than 25 years of experience in academic and clinical research. She has been teaching Chinese for more than 10 years, with extensive experience in translation English to Chinese as well as Chinese to English.  Xiao Hui has translated all of the Journey to the West books into Chinese.