The Immortal Peaches

The Immortal Peaches (仙桃)

A Story in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin, 600 Word Vocabulary Level

Book 3 of the Journey To The West Series

By Jeff Pepper and Xiao Hui Wang

Sun Wukong, the Handsome Monkey King, is one of most famous characters in Chinese literature and culture.  His legendary bravery, his foolish mistakes, his sharp-tongued commentary and his yearning for immortality and spiritual knowledge have inspired hundreds of books, television shows, graphic novels, video games and films.

In this, the third book in the Journey to the West series, we wrap up the story of Sun Wukong’s early years, before he joins the monk Xuanzang’s little band of travelers and journeys to the West.  Once again the Monkey King’s unlimited ambitions and uncontrolled appetites land him in deep trouble.  He is given a job in heaven taking care of the Emperor’s Garden of Immortal Peaches, but he can’t stop himself from eating all the peaches.  He impersonates a great Immortal and crashes a party in Heaven, stealing the guests’ food and drink and barely escaping to his loyal troop of monkeys back on Earth.  And in the end, he battles an entire army of Immortals and men, and discovers that even calling himself the Great Sage Equal to Heaven does not make him equal to everyone in Heaven.

The story is written, as much as possible, using the 600 word vocabulary of HSK 3.  It is presented in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin, and includes an English version and complete glossary.  Additional study aids are on our website,


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