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Good introduction to one of most enduring characters of Chinese culture

This book and its sister book are excellent for people who are learning Chinese. They tell the stories of the Monkey King, one of the most enduring characters in Chinese culture in an easy to understand manner. They also provide good reference for the Chinese characters used in the stories and their English translations. Well done!

 –  Frank

Great tool!

The pinyin side by side with the characters is most helpful to someone like me who is beginner/intermediate level and trying to learn Chinese characters. The pinyin is on the opposite page to the characters which makes it easy to reference while not making it so easy that I end up reverting back to just reading pinyin. Very helpful!

 –  umonkey

It’s a really great book! I used this book as reading text …

It’s a really great book! I used this book as reading text to teach Chinese language. And my students finds it’s a classic story line and not too difficult to comprehend.

 –  Amazon Customer

I am amazed…

Dears, I am amazed  by your books. I’ve been studying Chinese for 1 year now, and I would like  to use your books as learning  material. They are  really great: writing style , books  are  graphically beautiful. Available Chinese language material are really, really ugly….

 –  Adriana

I received the desk copies you send to me and thank you very much. I will try to use these books as extended reading materials for my students…

 –  Ying


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